Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pluperfect, Shmluperfect...

Is it possible that correct grammar and word usage has changed over the years? I don't consider myself old exactly but am dumbfounded by this newfangled English that I see in my son's phonics book. Is it possible that there is a newer "modern grammar" from what I was taught &*&^ years ago?

For example, the word swim. I learned the tenses to be swim, swam, swam. I was told over and over again not to say swum. Under no circumstances was I to write "swum" on a school paper lest I invoke the wrath of Sister Angela in fourth grade. But swum is exactly what my kids are being taught to say under the guise of the pluperfect tense (which I do realize is a valid tense, just not in this case!)

Another is the word swing. I learned swing, swung, swung. They are learning, and it kills me to even write this...I'm cringing even now...SWANG. Yikes. It even looks wrong. Swing, swang, swung? Seriously? Even if it's right, I won't be using it and I'm thinking of making a $0.25 fine at my house if I hear it.

Am I the only one that finds this weird? Have the rules changed? Are there any words that just don't seem right to you?

**Ha ha...just as a footnote: when I spellchecked this entry, the only spelling mistake it found was swang!**


  1. Bleh! I am a teacher and my biggest problem (other than the occasional urge to throw someone out the window) is dealing with terrible grammar! Those words....ugh...even make my head hurt to read them in this context! Grading papers just got that much more agonizing!

  2. Swang?! LOLOL! Too funny. It sounds like something we hear in Oklahoma though... :D

  3. I'm with you! Just becuase it's in his textbook doesn't make it right. There's an amazing book for kids (and grown up curious kids like us) called, "The Word Snoop" that digs deep into why English is so inconsistent but gives great value to and installs pride in our language - one word at a time. I can see slang creeping in, but swum?

  4. that swim in the Aussie twang??

  5. Swang as in (cringe) "The children swang on the swings at the playground."

    I agree that just because it is in a book doesn't make it right...I told my kids that I'd better not hear that leave their mouths. But you know how kids are...last night at dinner I corrected my daughter from saying "sitted" and she just rolled her eyes and said it 4 more times. I bet I'll hear "swang" alot over the next week! :)

  6. I had a chuckle when I read your post. Grammar is not my forte but... swang?! lol