Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Repressed and Depressed

Ok. I am extremely frustrated with my current main character. It seems I have done such a good job portraying the teenage daughter of an alcoholic that now I can't break through! She is such a repressed personality that even I am having trouble getting to know her! The things I want her to do - the things I wish she'd do - just don't suit her...yet. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm writing War And Peace or just going in circles.

So I spent my long weekend (which, let's face it, is a REALLY long weekend for stay at home moms) sitting in the backyard managing play dough and dueling light sabers and trying to channel my WIP. Maybe it's back to the drawing board, but I really hope not. I'm hoping that she comes up with something truly stirring and soon or else this might just be the "work in progress" that doesn't progress.


  1. I am not a writer, but here goes. What if you allowed her to have a healing experience, a new beginning. I can't pinpoint exactly where I learned this, but water and healing go hand in hand. Maybe not an actual baptism, but some type of interraction with water (waterfall, dip in a lake, etc) washing away that stronghold might open the door for your character....just a thought.

  2. Don't give up, you can do it! I've heard of people having conversations or interviews with the mc, stuff like that. I'm confident you'll have a breakthrough!

    It's nice that you and your son got to experience the same thing I did this past Memorial Day weekend. What a sight.

  3. My advice might not be that useful, because I generally start with the things that I want my MC to do and work backward, but mostly, it sounds like you need a separate environment for this character, whether it's a new friend, or a newly discovered 'safe' location.

  4. That's so ironic that you suggested a new, safe location - that's just what I did yesterday and I think that might definitely be the right angle!

    Mary, I really like the water idea...never really thought of that. Love the ideas!

  5. wow, it's so interesting to see how you're talking about your adolescent MS in the same way a frustrated mother would about her angst, closed-off child! that's pretty impressive, and i think it's a testament to just how genuine her character must be.

    i'm sure you'll break through!
    hang in there!!

    my fingers are crossed for you :D

  6. I have written stories with MC in several years...those rejection slips did me in...but I think I am ready to tackle it again....

    I used to imagine what the MC looked like, what type personality, and what buttons could be pushed. Once I had a sense of who they were, then putting the MC into almost any situation, I could predict how the MC would respond. Does that make any sense?

    I wish you all the best and have faith in you that you will figure it out. Sounds like you are getting some great advice.

  7. work on writing a full personality breakdown. Events that shaped her life, try one event each year perhaps..?