Friday, July 9, 2010

Famous Authors?

I've decided that the quickest way to get your book published is to first be famous - then you can write any old thing and they'll slap your photo on the cover and print it. Heck, you'll even get a tour of Good Morning America and The Today show to boot!

Since when did being famous (and by this I mean playing a professional sport, being an "actor" or doing something seriously questionable but acquiring fame via internet) mean that one had a talent for writing?

It seems to me that many publishers are interested solely in making money rather than looking for quality writing and unique ideas and storylines. Didn't there used to be a time when the ART of writing was simply that: an art? Somehow it seems like a "lost art" when I see every actor and athlete putting out books while serious authors who have studied the craft and spent YEARS on it can't even get an agent to request partials.

Or perhaps, I'm just grumpy today...

What's your take?


  1. I feel the same way. What makes me stay sane is knowing that once people read them they don't spread the word about how awesome the story is. (Usually, anyway.) They will, however, tell everyone about a *good* book, like what we're writing *wink wink*. But yeah. The whole querying process doesn't look too bright when famous people snatch them up like that. Kinda sucks.

  2. Unfortunately I think you've nailed it.
    Publishing houses are businesses. Unless they are pretty certain a book is going to make money they are not interested.

  3. It is totally frustrating when this happens. Plus, these books are put on special table displays at the book stores. Ugh!

  4. hello johanna,

    thank you for signing up to follow my blog!! i'm excited to pay a return visit and look forward to exploring your wonderful blog!

    i see from your bio that you're a novelist - how exciting! i was very interested in your latest post --- yikes -- it does seem lately that being famous gets folks book deals in many cases. not sure what to think of this current 'cult of celebrity' in our world...

    as a writer myself, i can relate to sometimes feeling discouraged about the publishing industry. the query process, the rejections....yuk. but then again if you fall off the proverbial horse, you have to get back on. if you want a cool site visit lainie taylor's not for robots - great advice about keeping your writing regimen honest.

    anyway, it's nice to 'meet' you and i look forward to future visits!

  5. Ugh, and also, you KNOW they didn't really write 95% themselves! They just give a ghost writer the ideas and information, and then that person will do all the actual writing!

  6. I know, I mean what are the chances you are an International Tennis sensation, a clothing designer and an author to boot? Oh well...