Saturday, July 18, 2009

My First "Award"!

Many thanks to Kit Courtney for honoring me with my first blogger award!

Kit's blog Kit Courtney Writes was the first one I stumbled upon and began following about six months ago and I have been enjoying it ever since!

So I believe I am supposed to pass the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD on to 5 other talented bloggers that I enjoy on a regular basis.

After much consideration I have chosen:

1. Working My Muse by Eric because his insight into his own writing successes and challenges causes me to look deeper into my own writing life.

2. Fran Caldwell's Notebook because Fran's journey has been inspiring as I followed her from writing her queries and sending them out to getting her first deal!

3. Cindy R. Wilson because I love the professional quality and tone to her blogging!

4. Belletrinsic for always giving me a good kick in the butt with her take no prisoner posts!

5. Gutsy Writer because I love Sonia's free-thinker mind and can often relate to her challenges and triumphs!

Thanks to all of these bloggers for the piece of inspiration that they provide to everyone who reads them and I encourage all of you to check them out!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I've recently noticed a disturbing trend in my work.

I'm killing off the mothers.

Wow, that felt good to finally come clean and admit it.

I've been putting alot of time into my query and getting ready to get the next round out there (thus, my neglect of my blog...) In my rewrite, I've been really struggling to find a theme that would resonate with people. But in my search, I found my "mother-slaying."

You see in my first novel, the mother is killed off in the very beginning. In fact you never even meet her first hand. Her tragic story is revealed through her daughter and her own self discoveries. Yet in a way, the mother is the heroine of the book so I felt rather comfortable with killing her off. But now that I've written part of my second novel, I realize that I have killed the mother on the first page. Not a brutal murder, but a sad and lonely accidental overdose.

I'm so disturbed by this trend, in fact, that I've rewritten the beginning part so she doesn't actually die. I'm not sure yet which way I'll finally let it play out. WHEN (not if, right?) I finally do get published, do I want to be the author known for writing about dead mothers?

I seem to have this Bambi-esque theme through my stories in which the mother has to die for the daughter to find her legs...her true self.

Hmmm.... How's that for a theme? :)

Have you ever discovered an interesting trend in your own writing - was it liberating or disturbing?