Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where have I been?

I realize I took some time off from my writing while my oldest two kids were small, but I'm surprised every day by the little editing things that have changed over the years...where have I been?

My latest frustration: the fact that only one space now follows a period! Yes, I do think it is more eye appealing but my fingers don't want to just type one space...they are conditioned from years of practice to put two spaces after each and every period! Even more frustrating is trying to go back and edit my novel with the new rule (okay, it may not be THAT new but it is to me!)

So if this rule has changed, it makes me wonder: What other little rules have changed in the past ten years?


  1. Oh, Johanna, I feel your pain., wait--seven. Yes, I wrote seven novels this way that I eventually had to go back and change. Ugh. Oh well, it goes with the territory.

  2. I can just about cope with the one-space one now but I really do not want to know about any others... *putting fingers in ears... la la la la la la...*

  3. I don't worry about this when I'm typing. When I'm doing the final polish, I do a search and replace, changing all double spaces for single spaces. Takes a few seconds.