Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yesterday's Aha! Moment

My son was watching me create my database for agent queries...

Son: Mom, how many agents are there in the world?

Me : Hundreds. Thousands. (admittedly distracted)

Son: That's great, mom!

Me: Great? How's that great? (Bear in mind, I'm in the throws of reading hundreds...thousands of agent websites...)

Son: Because you only need one to say yes!

And there it is: Aha!


  1. Perfect. Can I quote this in Friday's blog?

  2. LOL. That is truly a great Aha moment. Of course, it takes our children to give us insight sometimes, huh? Nice post.

  3. Too true, Eric. It's the little pearls of wisdom like this that make all the other little tidbits worth know, like when a charming 5 year old compares you to a mommy cow...

    Oh and feel free to quote away, Fran!

  4. Out of the mouths of babes! Good luck finding that one!

  5. Oh, he's so right! All you need is the one right one.

  6. Aw, yet that's so true. Smart boy!

  7. just one remeber just one. Kids say the darndest things don't they?

    I love this comment from your son.