Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm feeling so happy today.

Yup. Just thought I'd share.

Maybe it's the sun shining and the kids getting out of school for the summer - the promise of long days at the beach writing (which as I've said before, is my most productive spot...)

Maybe it's reading all the wonderful blogs of my fellow writers that has inspired me to keep at it and stop feeling like an unpublished fraud...

Maybe it's having finally stumbled upon THE song that has re-energized my new novel...

Maybe it's the continuing climb on the for Scream Out Loud...every day one step closer to their editor's desk...

Don't know. Maybe it's the diet coke I'm drinking...could be...

Over the weekend I started my third re-read and edit of Scream Out Loud using the helpful critiques of fellow writers on Authonomy and if truth be told, found the whole experience joyful. Yes. Joyful. There's no other word for it.

You see, someone had suggested that I insert dialogue for two areas of prose that felt particularly heavy with back story. So I sat down with the enormous task of turning this beautifully descriptive narrative (I'm allowed to say that since I wrote it!) into lively, informative dialogue. Yikes.

But I did what I was told and put the proverbial butt in chair and refused to get up until it was finished. The result? A much more cohesive and attention grabbing first chapter!

I'm so grateful for all the helpful hints and suggestions I have been getting from fellow writers and readers. What have been the best (and worst!) suggestions you have received to improve your own manuscripts?


  1. For me, it is grammar, always was, so my most helpful suggestion is to have someone read ti outloud to me, this way I can "hear' it if it is wrong.

  2. I recently received some feedback about the exact same thing. Too much backstory, need more dialogue and action. This resulted in me revising the entire story, but I honestly feel it's for the best. I am now a lot more excited about this book than I had been in the past. Good advice!

  3. Can you write at the beach with your kids there?
    I wanted to say, I've had excellent feedback for a few people. Dialogue is not my problem, but backstory at the start of my first chapter, which I realize is a BIG "no-no," was a problem pointed out by several readers. It was so juicy, I really didn't want to cut it out at the time. Sounds like I should check out

  4. I can totally write at the beach...seems like everyone is happier there and I can get a good 3 or 4 hours in! Of course two of my kids are biggish (10 and almost 8) so they play together and are a big help with the baby...

    And you should definitely check out should! Let me know if you do and I'll look you up!