Monday, June 1, 2009

$*&@# This Query Letter!

As you can see, I am reworking my query letter for a second round of agent submissions and am in agony! I've done my research and read the guidelines for "the perfect query letter." But is there really such a thing? Is there really a perfect query?

It seems this right-brain letter writing is getting the best of left-brain little me.

I've written so many pitches (my comparative pitch, my teaser pitch...I've tried them all) only to find out from the last agent website I visited, that they dislike this approach all together and prefer simply a one page synopsis (which of course, is anything but simple!)

I guess what has me frozen with fear is the thought that this is it...this is the make or break chance for my manuscript to come to life for someone else. My chance to get it noticed. Yikes. The pressure.

So, are there any tricks of the trade lurking out there that you'd like to share? Any nuggets of wisdom? Any paragons of pitches to inspire those of us still in the query quagmire?

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  1. The only advice I can give you is for your query letter to be honest and have your true voice in it. Obviously, if it isn't well writen, an agent will probably assume your novel isn't well writen either.

    Keep in mind that this advice is coming from someone who hasn't found an agent yet either. :)