Friday, January 28, 2011

Samoas, Do Si Do's, Thin Mints....

So the New Year has come and is really not so "new" anymore and this is my first post. Ugh. Apologies. Sorry. Ooops...etc etc...

My excuse? This is my busy season. "An accountant," you assume. No - I am a 4th grade Girl Scout leader and (drum roll please)... IT'S COOKIE TIME!!!

Now all of you out there smiling as the thought of little Brownie and Junior scouts headed to your door peddling their boxes of cookies with promises of summer camps they wish to attend and homeless shelters they wish to help with their profits - stop and think of the poor leader who has to lug all the hundreds of boxes of cookies to her garage and disperse them to the eager little girls and then keep track of the thousands of dollars that flow in daily in dribs and drabs (in single bills and grubby coins, I might add).

Yesterday, my husband watched as I laid out my order forms and receipt packets to prepare my Cookie Selling Packet for my girls. "I guess I'll start parking in the driveway," he said. Yup, I guess he will. His side of the garage will soon be full of cases of Thin Mints and Samoas and my dreams full of bounced checks and Cookie booths on the horizon.

Just another reason why this current book is still in progress...

How do all you fabulous writer moms do it? I haven't written in two months! I think this weekend, I'm going to make it a priority to open a box of Do Si Do's and bang out a chapter...

Have a fabulous weekend - see you on this flip side!


  1. even with all of your cookie craziness, you have gotten attention from an agent! can't wait to toast you with a thin mint when you get signed!

  2. There's got to be a funny story in there somewhere :) You had me chuckling!