Thursday, November 3, 2011

Magic Genie, I wish For...

If I had three wishes right now from my very own magic genie, I'd wish for a PR specialist. Why? Because there is SOOOO much to do in thinking of self publishing my novel. I spent most of yesterday looking into the various aspects of what I need to be doing to really give this baby of mine the best shot out there in the world of books.

I had a sort of temporary ADD running from one website on launch parties to another on book doctors to a third on book trailers. Yikes! Overwhelming? Yes. Thrilling? Absolutely.

So today, I hope to approach things with a tad bit more aplomb and focus. I look at this as birthing my 4th baby...and by all accounts, it very well might take 9 months!

Please continue to share your tips and success stories!

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