Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Since when did this computer become my life?

Today was going to be a great day. A productive day. I had my usual to-do list, but today it was filled with computerish things - sell a couple things on eBay, balance the checkbook, order some party favors for our Girl Scout Party next month, upload some pics from my camera and of course blog. Missing were the usual household chores that always take priority. Somehow I had caught up on the laundry, the dusting - even the dishes were clean. And to top it all off: THE TODDLER WAS TOTALLY IMMERSED WITH HER LITTLE PEOPLE TOYS! This almost NEVER happens that I can go online while she's awake. It seemed that the gods were truly shining down on me today.

Then it happened. I poured myself a perfect cup of coffee and tiptoed to the computer. No connection. Crazy. I tiptoed to the other computer. No connection. NOOOOOOOO!!!! (I would have screamed but for the thoroughly occupied toddler mentioned previously who might at any moment notice I'm not looking....)

So I was left to wonder (for the better part of the morning) how did this happen? How did I get so dependent and wrapped up in this computer. How did everything become a computer operation. Hadn't I balanced the checkbook by phone? Hadn't I flipped the pages of a catalogue to order things from Oriental Trading? Hadn't I taken the film to the store and been done with it for 3 days until it was developed? Had it all been a dream?

Well, don't you worry. I've learned my lesson. No, I'm not trading in my digital camera for film (after all, I'm not crazy!) But I will be sure to NEVER finish my household chores again! :)


  1. LOL - What a lovely conclusion...leave housework undone in case the connection goes down.

    That said...didn't you have a book to read or write? ;-)

  2. Well, uh, em, ah...of course, I had 3 books to read on my bedside table and my current WIP on the counter...but you know how it is when you have your heart set on checking everything off the to-do list!

  3. I am the same way, and it's disturbing. Yet I keep opening my laptop up, nevertheless...

  4. Boy can I relate to this post! I feel I am further down the distracted path than you however... I go from bed, let dog out, make coffee, get on computer. Today, I never changed from my pj's or got the mail. I used to be a rigid list, the list is at the bottom of the stack of "things to do" on my desk... I would much rather blog and travel the blogshere...I really DO need to get a life!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Your voice is always welcome. I admire your productivity. I too have dreams of being published...

  5. My full name is actually Johanna. (= I have 3 kids, studied writing and psychology, raised in the west coast and schooled in the east--way east (London, UK) and have just finished my first novel. Recently submitted to an agent by request...waiting for the answer --better get more queries out. (=
    Nice meeting you. Thanks for the follow.