Thursday, January 7, 2010

Follow me!

Okay, I've finally joined the land of the living and joined twitter! Come follow me...lov2write...who are you?


  1. There's a site called - they have cute twitter buttons you can put on your blog. (The reason I say that is I clicked on the twitter icon on this post thinking it would take me to your twitter account and it just took me to a link of that picture, which is what I think a lot of other people will most likely do too!)

    Okay I'm off to find you there;)

  2. Okay wait I typed that in and it is def. NOT you. luv2write ???

  3. Okay, that just goes to show that you shouldn't blog (among other things) with an 18 month on your lap! Thanks for the tip on my typo...AND the tip about the twitter button! Love it.

  4. Followed you, and re-tweeted your "writerly friends" request. That should get you some more. :-)

    When you have time, check out the hash tags for writers (type them into the search box), and you'll find lots more great writerly types to follow. Here are a few to start with:


    and #writechat every Sunday afternoon.

    Welcome to twitter! :-)

  5. I am RollToMe! Come find me when you get a chance...if I leave Blogville, I'll NEVAH finish these comments!

    Must. Finish. Comments!!

  6. Hi Johanna thanks for visiting my blog. I'm always glad to make new blog friends! I see you're working on your second novel! I'm still thinking about my first :) at least blogging keeps me in the writing habit.