Saturday, July 18, 2009

My First "Award"!

Many thanks to Kit Courtney for honoring me with my first blogger award!

Kit's blog Kit Courtney Writes was the first one I stumbled upon and began following about six months ago and I have been enjoying it ever since!

So I believe I am supposed to pass the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD on to 5 other talented bloggers that I enjoy on a regular basis.

After much consideration I have chosen:

1. Working My Muse by Eric because his insight into his own writing successes and challenges causes me to look deeper into my own writing life.

2. Fran Caldwell's Notebook because Fran's journey has been inspiring as I followed her from writing her queries and sending them out to getting her first deal!

3. Cindy R. Wilson because I love the professional quality and tone to her blogging!

4. Belletrinsic for always giving me a good kick in the butt with her take no prisoner posts!

5. Gutsy Writer because I love Sonia's free-thinker mind and can often relate to her challenges and triumphs!

Thanks to all of these bloggers for the piece of inspiration that they provide to everyone who reads them and I encourage all of you to check them out!


  1. Well I did not expect to visit and receive an award. Thanks so much for your kind remarks. It's always nice to read how others perceive you and your blogging. The next award you receive will be to get your first novel published. I just attended a great workshop for writers today led by Jerry Simmons, who spent 25 years working for Random House and Time Warner Books. He did say that the Internet is the future of books and that authors today, have to be out there with blogs, Twitter, and networking. NY publishers are starting a new trend with hybrid publishing. This means, no advance, but higher royalties, between 12-15% instead of 5-7%. A very interesting seminar. Thanks again and Congratulations on your award.

  2. I love your positive attitude!

    Great info. regarding the hybrid publishing...I know it's important to get out there on the web but I often have trouble making time for the networking! I think I need to add it to my laundry list of "to do's" right after "feed baby" and "check homework"!

  3. Thank you so much, Johanna! What a nice surprise. Just got back from camping and trying to catch up before I officially begin Unplug Week. Have a great week!