Thursday, March 19, 2009

It all started with a school girl's journal and moved rapidly into the colorful notebooks of high school English until slowly my stories took over my armed with a lap top computer and a panoply of ideas spun carefully in my mind's eye, I have finally finished my first novel!

Since then my weary fingers have worked the keyboard, searching endlessly for the camaraderie of other writer-hopefuls in this vast outlet of the internet where ANYTHING can be found but often never is. With so much to say and so much to share about the highly personal and rarely published process of writing, I have begun this blog to share my random stream of consciousness that has pervaded my thoughts on every step of my journey to becoming a real, bonafide writer.

My hope is that others will share their experiences and revelations in a similar fashion and maybe even enjoy a few excerpts of my work.

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